l'amour des chinois pour leur famille.

l'amour des chinois pour leur famille.

I just read a Bourdieu's article explaining why there's no such thing as a public opinion and that polls rarely reflect the truth.
But I can't help, those mathematical reductions following are too yummy not to be widespread all over the world and all over my blog.

This is about Chinese middle school students and their parents
So for the sake of familial relations and neo-confucean values, let's go:

  • 70 % of Chinese middle school students have serious problems with their parents
  • 6.62 % are afraid of them
  • 13.13 % loathe them
  • 56.28 % are extremely disgusted with or even hate them
  • 4.75 % like them

Source of conflicts between parents and children

  1. their school grades
  2. their weight
  3. their friends

55 % of parents hope their children will study for a Ph.D.
83.6 % require their children to rank in the top 15 of their class

Conflicts between parents and their children come from

  • too high education expectations
  • family violence
  • parents' old fashioned ideas
  • interference in a child's privacy: their choice of friends and time spent surfing the web
If I elaborate more on that, I am going to say nasty things and I am neither a parent or a Chinese citizen, but a bit more of a cool, realistic, serene attitude towards life and career could come handy in some families, like at least the 55% dreaming of the PhD stuff.
The results there are just bloody frightening.

But from my past experience of foreign teacher in China, I remember one thing one of my students told me I will always remember : « You know teacher, Chinese children love their parents more than the other (non-Chinese) children. »
So it takes 2 to tango and Confucius is giving the beat ...I am not going to interfere in those loving-family affairs... except to wish them good luck!

amour chinois

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