Un Directeur Financier recherche Assistante (donnant occasionnellement du réconfort)

Un Directeur Financier recherche Assistante (donnant occasionnellement du réconfort) 

Une annonce est en train de se propager, personne ne sait si elle est vrai ou fausse mais ce directeur recherche une assistante et une prositutée salaire 21500Rmb
... voici l'annonce

I am a 32 year old Director of a foreign investment firm (we have offices in Hong Kong, Singapore and New York) and I have been assigned to expand our operations in China.
I will be relocating to Shanghai in September 2013 and I will be on my own, so I will need some local help.
I have visited China two times before but I have never lived there, and as a "lao wai" I am not able to speak Chinese although I want to learn. My company will send 2 colleagues to join me in February 2014, so I will be pretty much working out of a hotel room and suitcase.
I need an open-minded female assistant who is fun-loving and eager to expand her career. You will be able to interact closely with a high level finance professional, as well as many CEOs/senior executives of Chinese and foreign companies. You will be able to join me on all my business trips within China as well as Hong Kong and Taiwan.
- Females only
- Must be open-minded
- Must speak at least intermediate English (fluent English will be an advantage)
- Must speak fluent Chinese (open to both foreigners and Chinese citizens)
- Age between 22 to 29
- Pleasant looking, well-dressed, well-groomed
- Sociable, resourceful and intelligent
- University degree will be an advantage
- Work experience in multinational or foreign companies will be an advantage
- Must have demure, submissive and respectful personality, willing to please customers and boss. Must not be argumentative.
- Must have a strong interest in travel
- Assist me with all administrative tasks including dealings with paperwork and other issues with Chinese authorities (including taxation, company registration, licenses, etc)
- Assist me with personal administrative tasks like arranging of train tickets, flight tickets, local hotels, meeting schedule, writing of letters in Chinese, etc
- Translating Chinese documents to me in English, and also typing all my correspondences in Chinese (I will give you the information in English)
- Teaching me Chinese during non-work hours
- Helping me recruit other staff if necessary
- Helping me find accommodation if necessary
- Attending to my personal needs including sexual needs if need be. You should be open minded and willing to provide sexual favors to me and selected clients. You sohuld also be willing to accompany me to parties and dress according to my instructions and then proceed to after-party for sex afterwards. I do not need sex every day, and some times I will only require oral sex. But you should regard it as part of your job to make sure my sex needs are met, since I will be alone in China for a few months.
- Spending some time with me travelling to other parts of China for leisure purposes (e.g. sightseeing/tourism as well as cultural immersion)
- Attractive salary of RMB 21,500 per month
- 5 days work week (9.30 am to 7 pm)
- Overtime salary of RMB 900 per day if required to work on weekends
- Free flights + hotels when travelling on business or leisure
- Free meals when dining with boss or clients
- Additional mobile phone allowance of up to RMB 400/month
- Opportunity to work in Hong Kong after 2 years
- If you are not a Shanghai resident, additional accommodation allowance of RMB 2,500 per month
- If I am happy with your performance, I will personally give you an allowance of RMB 3,000/month in addition to the official company benefits


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3 commentaires:

LePeignoirHomme a dit…

Comme quoi il n'y a pas de limites en Chine.

Anonyme a dit…

Aucune limite à la prostitution. Un scandale.

Au fait savez vous si légalement c'est possible?

Jean 8ans de Chine a dit…

Allez faire les tournées avec le patron et une petite pipe de temps en temps, c'est du non dit mais cela se pratique souvent dans le monde, réveiller vous les bisounours.

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