Marketing to China le Blog

Marketing to China le Blog

Aujourd'hui je vous présente le blog en angalis Marketing to China qui parle de marketing en Chine.

Même concept que marketing en Chine mais en anglais.

Marketing China

Louis Vuitton in China . Case Study : Analysis of the success of the brand Louis Vuitton in China.
lire la suite Louis Vuitton China

A report from Sina shows that, over 130,000 companies have opened their weibo accounts by the end of Feburary, 2012. The majority of these companies manage weibo accounts by themselves, only a small number of them cooperate with professional copmpany to manage their weibo accounts

 Qui sont ils?

This blog is written by Oliver (french ) and Philip ( chinese) We both are passionated of marketing with different background, and different cultural view of China. Do not hesitate to comment, ask question or share our content

Amour Chine, Le blog qui vous fait partager sa passion pour la Chine

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